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PLASA 2012: European debut for Midas PRO1

James McGrath 11 September 2012
PLASA 2012: European debut for Midas PRO1

The newly launched MIDAS PRO1 digital console is making its European debut at this year’s PLASA alongside the MIDAS VeniceU

“The PRO1 features new manufacturing materials and techniques, comprehensive I/O on the back, and a previously undreamt-of price point," explained MIDAS brand development manager Richard Ferriday.

“The PRO1 is now accessible to freelance engineers, small music venues and anyone who actually cares about audio quality, reliability and portability.="

“The VeniceU expands the range of Midas ‘Digi-log’ hybrid consoles, offering a user-friendly, high quality analogue audio console with integrated 8×8 USB digital audio interface. Applications include multitrack recording, playback from computer, and live inclusion of 3rd party plug-ins,”finished Ferriday.

The PRO1 console has already experienced success after recent installs in the Stefan Jaraaz Theatre in Lodz, Poland, and orders from Copenhagen-based distributor Signal Audio.

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