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Planar Clarity Matrix displays are just 91mm deep

Duncan Proctor 2 January 2015
Planar Clarity Matrix displays are just 91mm deep

The Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture from Planar is claimed to combine the industry’s thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel videowall with improvements in design, installation and service.

“The next generation Clarity Matrix builds on the accomplishments of the award-winning Planar Clarity Matrix family of videowalls, which has gained significant market adoption,” said Planar CEO and president, Gerry Perkel. “We are taking the key elements that everyone loved about Clarity Matrix, making them even better, and combining them into a next-generation product that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.”

Tiled bezel width is just 3.7mm (0.15in) between adjacent LCD screens, while Planar’s EasyAxis Mounting System enables an installed depth of just 91mm (3.6in), which the company says is the thinnest in the industry. The new models support 4K input capability and 10-bit colour processing, and Planar’s Big Picture Plus processing is built into the system, allowing content to be scaled across the entire video wall or sections of it.

With built-in video extension of up to 100m (330ft), the Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture is said to offer unprecedented installation flexibility while eliminating the cost and reliability concerns of using third-party cable extenders. No AC power outlets are required behind the displays, and a single power supply module can now drive as many as eight displays, reducing the rack space requirement in half and reducing the number of power outlets required.

For simplified maintenance, the Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture features off-board electronics architecture, reducing maintenance time and complexity. It integrates Planar’s WallNet software, making it possible to monitor display performance and troubleshoot issues remotely.

Stand: 3-A80

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