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Pixled, Mitsubishi Electric to cooperate

Ian McMurray 13 December 2010
Pixled, Mitsubishi Electric to cooperate

After the successful introduction of the Pixled F-6 LED display,  Pixled and Mitsubishi Electric have announced what the companies describe as ‘a special cooperation’. Effective immediately, the Pixled F-6 display will be available either with a standard proprietary processor or with the latest generation of a range of processors from Mitsubishi Electric. The Mitsubishi options will include multi input HD and DVI with super resolution technology, MPEG noise reduction and enhanced grey scale processing, which Pixled says is ideal for professional high end rental markets.

Pixled F-6 features what the company claims is a revolutionary design with seamless curvability, and is said to be the brightest 6mm currently on the market at 4,000 Nits.

"To unite all these vital elements and achieve the standards of excellence we required, we needed to combine with the best processing, which is now a reality," says Pixled general manager Bart Van der Beken (pictured).

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