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PIXLED launches LED strips and spheres

Andrew Brister 15 April 2013
PIXLED launches LED strips and spheres

Leading European LED screen designer and manufacturer PIXLED used the 2013 Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt to unveil its range of LED strips and spheres.  Belgium-based PIXLED has a wide portfolio and several full product ranges of indoor and outdoor LED screen solutions which are solid tile based as well as flexible creative products. However, the focus at Frankfurt this year was PIXLED’s highly-creative LED strips and spheres.
 The FS-2425 is a strip product ideal for fixed indoor installations, offering a 24mm pixel pitch, which is available in all possible lengths between a minimum of 4 pixels and a maximum of 64 pixels. The strips are attached to an aluminum backbone with a single connector for data and power. The data and power cables are concealed in the backbone ensuring a neat appearance and an installation depth of only 1.8 cm. Various FS-2425 strips can be mounted and joined  together to make up a myriad of different  sizes and all possible shapes.
 The “screen” is controlled just like a standard video screen and can accept all types of inputs, making a highly flexible, dynamic dream tool for designers working in all disciplines. 
 PIXLED also launched its FX-200 spheres – with 360° viewing angle  – which are bright enough to create stunning effects on stage and robust enough to survive the rigors of the road. The spheres are mounted on a string and hang 20 cm apart from each other.  On stage, and in so many performance and presentation scenarios, viewing angle is a major parameter – so adaptable spherical products are highly desirable. 

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