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Philips introduces Antumbra for lighting control

Andrew Brister 5 March 2013
Philips introduces Antumbra for lighting control

Philips Lighting has released Antumbra, rethinking the user interface for lighting and building control in high-end residential, hotels and other applications where it complements wall architecture. Antumbra is the latest light controller from Philips Lighting. It is said to be particularly suitable for high-end residential and hotel applications. At rest, the panel will blend into the wall with aesthetics that can match a room’s decor and design. When a user’s presence is detected, the Antumbra panel ‘wakes up’ with a wall wash lighting effect and the camouflaged button indicators reveal themselves, welcoming the user to interact. After a person moves away, the panel will then simply fade back into the wall architecture. Features include:

  • three finishes – magnesium, silver and white
  • four rims – chrome, magnesium, aluminium and white
  • with hidden sensors, the Antumbra can detect the user
  • built-in light level sensor ensures that the panel responds with the wall light wash effect to a user’s presence perfectly
  • buttons can be labelled with text or icons to help users with the functionality
  • two-part design allows design flexibility and pre-programming. 

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