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Personalised lighting control with Equipson’s Lightmouse

James McGrath 20 January 2012
Personalised lighting control with Equipson’s Lightmouse

The new Work LM-5 Lightmouse Ethernet interface DMX player with recorder, ArtNet node and OSC server from Equipson allows users and installers to create their own lighting console for iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
 The LM-5 can offer the simplicity of a small hardware console, with much of the power of lighting control software for computers that are often too complicated for end users, at an affordable price, says the developer.
 The Lightmouse has built-in memory for editing and saving up to 100 scenes and 24 shows, can be controlled by a tablet or smartphone, and the control software is easy to personalise for any specific application. 
 It allows users to create their own console for iOS or Android devices, thanks to the Open Sound Control protocol (, which makes it possible to configure different console designs for each application. For example, an RGB application might need three faders, a master, a blackout and probably an amber or a white; while another application for a small club (with some moving heads, LEDs, etc) would need a totally different console design. 
 Lightmouse is also a fully compatible ArtNet node (Ethernet to DMX interface) but it also can be controlled by OSC to create DMX data, store DMX cues and cue-lists with their own stand and fade time, and is able to use 512 DMX channels with 99 scenes and shows.

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