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Penmac deploys Watchout for launch of Volvo V40

Andrew Brister 12 November 2012
Penmac deploys Watchout for launch of Volvo V40

Warping, mapping and multiple output features of Watchout put to good use at South African launch of the all-new Volvo V40.  Watchout Premium Partner Penmac provided technical production and support for a three-day press launch of the Volvo V40 vehicle on the historical venue of Thesen Island, Knysna in South Africa. The project used Watchout multi-image display and presentation software to give the illusion of motion in a breathtaking display. Using the latest geometric correction, mapping, blending and image warping features of Dataton Watchout, the new vehicle was video mapped, using a video backdrop of various cityscapes, to give the illusion that the Volvo V40 was in motion.  “The specification required that the vehicle needed to be projected on from two angles, while the backdrop-screen required a two projector and edge-blended solution,” explains Malcolm Finlay, CEO at Penmac. “To complete the illusion, the road was also required to move and was synchronized with the other visuals. This was achieved using two edge-blended projectors onto a white stage.” With low roof structures, the positioning of the six projectors was very limited. On four of the projected surfaces Watchout was required to provide the edge blending, but in addition, on all surfaces, extensive geometric correction was required to correct angles and also map the unique shape of the vehicle.  “Even though there was only eight hours to erect the entire stage and set, the overall three-day event was a resounding success, with journalists being flown into Knysna on a daily basis from all parts of South Africa. This stringent technical requirement would not have been possible without the features and intuitive control that Watchout provides,” adds Finlay. For this event, Penamc worked with Johannesburg-based Picture Mafia who provided graphical content and EPH provided technical support to the project. Photograph credit: Dataton Watchout used in car mapping of Volvo V40 press launch in Johannesburg (c) Penmac, Picture Mafia and EPH 

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