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Peerless launches ‘ultimate’ large screen wall-mount

test 2 September 2009

The SmartMount SWS550 is new from Peerless and has been designed to allow a full range of movement and one-touch adjustment, writes David Davies. Billed as the “ultimate large screen wall-mount solution”, the SWS550 is able to support weights up to 90kg and sizes from 37-71in.

According to Peerless, the SWS550’s double-arm construction will safely support large screens even at its full extension of 76cm. The unit is also said to be flexible enough to allow for movement of up to 2.5 degrees once the screen is positioned. Meanwhile, the one-touch adjustment system provides 15-degree forwards and 5-degree backwards tilting, allowing a screen to remain in a chosen position without the need for tools or locking mechanisms. It can also turn screens left or right up to 45 degrees. The screen can also be switched from landscape to portrait while remaining on the mount.

Available in black (SWS550/BK) or silver (SWS550/SI), the mount has been tested to both UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and TUL safety standards, and comes with a five-year warranty.

Gordon Dutch, managing director of BBG/Peerless, commented: “The SmartMount SWS550 really is the daddy of all wall-mounts. Perfect for everyone from custom installers to DIY novices, its fully-flexible design provides easy installation and adjustment, giving plasma and LCD owners the confidence to self-install [as well].”

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