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Peerless to give away $10,000

Jo Ruddock 5 February 2014
Peerless to give away $10,000

A point made by many industry insiders is that, when margins on projects are tight, it doesn’t take much to turn a profitable installation into a loss-maker.

Exhibitor Peerless AV is making that thinking the focal point of its presence at ISE with an innovative competition with the slogan “When time is money, every second counts”.

“Installers need the confidence that the mounting systems they choose will perform first time every time, and allow them to do a professional job while spending the minimum amount of time on site,” said Paul Dawes, director of marketing at Peerless. “That’s what we believe our mounts deliver. Installers want to get in, do the job, and get out. We believe we give them the peace of mind that they’ll be able to do that.”

To reinforce the point, visitors to the Peerless stand are offered the opportunity to answer six questions about how the company’s mounts help to save time. Participants are then entered into a draw, which takes place twice each day – and the winners get to spend a minute trying to grab as much of the $10,000 on offer as possible.

Stand: 11-H58

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