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Peerless-AV unveils digital signage ceiling mounts

Duncan Proctor 20 November 2014
Peerless-AV unveils digital signage ceiling mounts

Peerless-AV has unveiled a range of Menu Board Ceiling Mounts from its latest linear ceiling mounted solutions. This range targets a variety of applications from quick-service restaurants creating digital menu boards, to transportation and exhibition halls providing commuter and visitor information.

They offer vertical adjustment on each display adaptor bracket for post-install levelling and height adjustment. Connecting wall plates create a continuous mounting surface for ease of display alignment, whilst the quick connect latch engages the mounting arms to the wall plate.

Security features deter tampering and theft, and horizontal adjustment allows installers to create a multi-display menu board. The mounts also feature continuous and Increlok tilt options, ensuring that all displays are aligned.

“Many of our customers expressed the need for digital signage in spaces where wall mounts were not an option,” said Ian Abernethy, director of sales, Peerless‐AV UK. “With our Menu Board Ceiling Mounts, installers have the flexibility to not only position digital signage in previously inaccessible areas, but they can do so quickly and securely.”

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