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Peerless-AV Europe offers new cables and interconnects range

test 16 April 2010

The four-tier line was designed by connectivity ‘guru’ Ray Phillips and Peerless’s own Jim Edwards. The series’ four tiers – Ultimate, Best, Better and Good – are each intended to offer a connection solution to multiple end-users, with the ‘Ultimate’ Omega heading up an HDMI range that provides HDMI 1.4 specification from £149.99 all the way down to the ‘Better’ Delta at £39.99.

As well as being HDMI 1.4-ready and high-speed with Ethernet, the Omega includes twin RFI/EFI filters, with an additional filter supplied for use on TV power cables. Designed to offer the ultimate performance from high-end home cinema equipment – in particular, the new 3D Blu-ray and TV displays – this product features 24K ‘hard’ gold cable contacts and oversized silver-plated PCOFC copper conductors to provide the digital signal with more headroom. Omega is available in 1 and 2m lengths at £129.99 and £149.99, respectively.

Sigma (Best) complements Omega as a more affordable high-end solution, with HDMI, stereo RCA, digital coaxial, digital optical and Scart, and is priced at £69.99 for 1m or £89.99 for 2m. Priced at £59.99, the 2m Slimline (Better) is intended for connecting to wall-mounted super-slim LED TVs and features a 90∫ connector at one end that only projects 14mm from the rear of the screen once fitted. Delta (also Better) offers a “mid-range, superior upgrade within reach of the typical consumer”, and is available in 17 versions in total. Meanwhile, the Alpha is billed as the ideal “first upgrade” cable, representing a “significant” improvement from cabling generally supplied with AV equipment, with 25 cable options in total.

All Peerless cables and interconnects make use of easy-to-understand icons to allow the consumer to select the right cable for their application, showing clearly which AV component can be connected to another.

Gordon Dutch, MD of BBG-Peerless, told IE Residential: “Peerless is thrilled to be launching our new cable range at this very exciting time. With the advent of 3D TV coming in both consumer and commercial markets at a tremendously fast rate, we have designed our new cable line so that four out of our five cable ranges are fully 3D TV capable. The newer slimmest HDMI is also a must for the new slimmer TVs along with our SlimLine brackets.”

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