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Pee-controlled Olympic-themed game set to capture the hearts of ‘evening athletes’

Andrew Brister 24 July 2012
Pee-controlled Olympic-themed game set to capture the hearts of ‘evening athletes’

With just days to go before the start of the London Olympics, Captive Media, developers of the world’s first pee-controlled video game, has launched a new ‘hands-free’ game to celebrate the Games – the 100ml Dash. The 100ml Dash is a unique game that male ‘evening athletes’ at participating bars will be able to play while answering the call of nature – with the digital action displayed before them on a mounted video screen.  Set to be rolled out in selected bars in the UK and Europe in the run up to London 2012, the 100ml Dash is a sprint race like no other. Participants control the game by directing their pee stream at targets in the urinal. The truer their aim, the faster their character sprints. After the race players can enter their names and times onto a worldwide leaderboard using their smartphone. Scores can also be posted to Twitter. “In keeping with the spirit of the Games, we’re celebrating friendly competition,” said Captive Media co-founder Gordon MacSween. “During the Games, ‘evening athletes’ in any venue with Captive Media systems will be able to represent their countries and compete for the honour of topping the international medals table.” The 100ml Dash is more than just a bit of fun for the boys, though. The game provides advertising opportunities both before, during and after the game, giving brands around a minute in which to engage a consumer. The use of gamification to effectively engage with young men – a notoriously difficult group to attract the attention of – is a growing trend, with the market predicted to be worth $242m by year-end. Research has shown Captive Media has improved brand awareness of advertisers by up to 41 percent among players as well as doubling on-site sales of brands that have used it. The 100ml Dash, is the latest in a series of irreverent games releases from the British company, whose other washroom diversions include a downhill skiing simulator and a trivia quiz game cheekily entitled ‘Clever Dick’. More titles are expected to onstream later in the year. "The game makes every man a competitor – not merely a spectator – in the true Olympic spirit,” said Captive Media co-founder Mark Melford. “It’s also good news for bar owners who benefit from the additional custom generated by buzz and interest around the games.” The 100ml Dash can be played at Exhibit Bar (London), Ta Bouche (Cambridge), Jungle Rumble (Bristol, Liverpool), Lainston House (Winchester), Le Denier bar avant le fin du Monde (Paris) and La Sala (Costa del Sol). 

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