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Paradigm screens out light in homes

test 30 June 2008

The Supernova screen technology first developed by dnp Denmark for rear-projection screens is now being offered by Paradigm Audio Visual for front-projection applications in the home. Supernova technology allows projection systems to be used in domestic applications without dimming lights, or drawing blinds, writes Simon Croft.


Although it might be tempting to dismiss Paradigm’s claims of "up to 10 times higher contrast than conventional devices – providing perfect image quality even in broad daylight", a very clear demonstration at CEDIA Expo showed that there was more going on than marketing hyperbole.


Supernova technology is based on nine separate micro thin layers, which absorb ambient lighting and filter out the unwanted reflections. Paradigm demonstrated the difference by using a split screen, the left side of which was Supernova and the right, a typical projection screen.


To up the ante even further, Paradigm had a powerful lamp pointing at the screen, with a dimmer controlling it to show the difference at varying ambient light levels. To coin a phrase, the difference was glaring.


While it is unlikely that many people would choose to watch a full-length film in bright sunlight, the performance of Supernova screens means that a projection system becomes acceptable for television and games under conditions that would otherwise leave at least part of the screen bleached out.


Supernova screens for residential use are available in rigid frame and drop-down formats. Paradigm also has portable dnp screens, which it can use to demonstrate the benefits of Supernova technology in potential clients’ homes.


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