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Paradigm engaged for major project

Andy Stout 1 February 2010
Paradigm engaged for major project

A host of AV companies, including Paradigm AV, have joined forces for the Attenborough Studio in the UK Natural History Museum’s New Darwin Centre.

Paradigm AV was one of many companies involved in the creation of the state-of-the-art communication centre for the Attenborough Studio in the Natural History Museum’s New Darwin Centre in London.

The major project engaged IVC Media to design and implement the technology required for the 64-seat communication centre. Known as the Attenborough Studio, the facility includes full-sized digital screens and 5.1 surround sound.

Cultural Innovations, Panasonic, Medialon, Bose, Adder, Dell, HaiVision and Paradigm were among the contributors to the communication centre, described by IVC Media’s Patrick Stewart-Blacker as “essentially a broadcast studio and presentation suite in one”.

The primary presentation screen is the 130in dnp NWA rear-projection screen supplied by Paradigm AV with 3,200mm focal length, trimmed to provide a viewing area of 2,561×1,456mm. With a projection booth already pre-determined, IVC’s creative team needed to maximise the narrow dimensions in consultation with Paradigm.

Their solution was to provide an Easy-Erect dual-mirror projection rig mounted vertically, folding the beams from the Projection Design HD projector off the mirrors.

“This is the kind of advice and assistance we have come to expect from Paradigm since we first started buying rear projection screens,” noted Stewart-Blacker.

Content-wise, the screen will be expected to handle interactive pre-automated shows, live presentations with HD camera feeds, purpose-created computer graphics and much more.

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