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Panphonics provides audio for mobile stores

David Davies 28 February 2011
Panphonics provides audio for mobile stores

The retail outlets of prominent Estonian mobile phone company Tele2 Estonia combine directional sound and information kiosks.

Complementing the information stations – which allow customers to browse and enjoy e-books and music before proceeding to online purchasing – are ipMedia Panphonics Sound Shower directional speakers. Compared to more traditional solutions, the Sound Shower units are said to enable the client to enjoy his/her choice of music without the need to use headphones. Other advantages for include interference-free sound, a higher level of hygiene and reduced maintenance costs.

The first info kiosks with Sound Shower were installed in Tele2 Estonia stores last autumn and, following very positive feedback, the roll-out will be extended this spring.

Panphonics – which says that the technology is also applicable to digital signage installations – says that in a broader context, ‘the commercial benefits’ of directional audio are being discovered and utilised by a variety of leading companies in the retail sector.

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