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Panasonic demos laser projectors and automatic geometry adjustment (VIDEO)

Paddy Baker 24 October 2014
Panasonic demos laser projectors and automatic geometry adjustment (VIDEO)

At an open day at its Bracknell HQ, Panasonic showed off two of its new PT-RZ670 laser projectors, with their outputs geometrically corrected for a curved screen and edge-blended automatically using a camera-based system.

Launched last month, the RZ670 is said to be the world’s first 6,500-lumen single chip DLP laser projector. This WUXGA model (and its WXGA counterpart, the PT-RW630) offer a working life of around 20,000 hours. Because of the laser light source, there are no lamps or filters to replace. Additionally, the projectors, which are said to be 150% brighter than a conventional 7,000-lumen projector, may be mounted at any angle.

Watch the video here:


The ET-UK20 auto adjustment system is available as an optional upgrade. Capable of dealing with multiple projector inputs, it projects a grid onto the projection surface. The user drags a number of grid reference points to the corners and the midpoints of the screen, and the Geometry Manager Pro software uses the output from a connected camera to compare the shape of projected test images with the ideal, making adjustments where necessary. According to Paul Osborn, product application manager, Visual System Solutions Business Unit at Panasonic UK, this reduces the time taken to align and blend images in complicated multi-projector installations from hours to minutes.

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