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Pair of plasma panels from Panasonic

Jo Ruddock 16 July 2010

The 85in and 103in TH-85VX200 and THI03VX200 join the existing 152in model in the full-HD 3D ultra-large plasma display range.

The pair offer a native contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 for enhanced black reproduction, plus high-speed driving technology to achieve the screen’s full moving-picture resolution.

The design also features crosstalk reduction – crucial, says Panasonic, for producing "clear and crisp" 3D images – and has doubled colour reproducability through its 30-bit processing. The TH-85VX200 and THI03VX200 offer a pixel pitch of (respectively) 0.984mm x 0.984mm and 1.182mm x 1.182mm (HxV), and an effective display area of 1,889mm x 1,062mm and 2,269 x 1,276mm (WxH).

Both models have been equipped with Panasonic’s original SLOT2.0 function providing access to various interfaces such as DVI and HD-SDI and offering full expandability.

Panasonic highlights life-size 3D simulation as one of the many uses of the displays, along with product presentations, immersive 3D games and movie production applications.

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