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Outline appoints exclusive distributor for Benelux, Germany

David Davies 29 November 2011
Outline appoints exclusive distributor for Benelux, Germany

Loudspeaker system manufacturer Outline s.r.l. has announced the appointment of The Audio Specialists (TAS) b.v. to serve as its exclusive distribution partner for Benelux and Germany.

TAS is the brainchild and property of former E-Audio Benelux MD Axel Nagtegaal, under whom the company has achieved strong results for a number of leading pro-audio brands in Benelux, including Midas, Klark Teknik, Electro-Voice and others. Nagtegaal and his team pioneered the concept of ‘service hatch’ distribution in pro-audio, whereby a territorial distributor effectively becomes the local office for the manufacturer(s) it represents. This model will be applied to his latest distribution venture.

“The Outline product portfolio contains a whole raft of innovative and relevant technologies that really make it so much more than just another ‘me too’ brand,” said Nagtegaal. “The MiniCompass system, as just one example, is simply brilliant in its approach to dealing with challenging acoustic spaces. In fact, the whole Outline product range is packed with clever and practical ideas for solving everyday sound reinforcement problems. Needless to say we will be providing a full pre-and-post-sales service for all categories of pro-audio customers, including extensive demonstration capabilities for the whole Outline range, as well as flexible finance packages for qualifying professional rental companies.”

Chris Hinds (pictured here, left, with Outline’s Giorgio Biffi and Nagtegaal), added: “Outline has so much potential in so many markets, we just need first-class distribution partners to help us realise those possibilities. We are very lucky indeed to have secured the services of someone whom many consider to be the best pro-audio distributor in Europe, especially when that partnership covers such important territories. The future is bright, the future is TAS!”

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