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Outline announces new distribution model for Central Europe

David Davies 13 December 2011
Outline announces new distribution model for Central Europe

The brainchild of Zaj System House CEO/owner Tamás Fazekas, the Outline Central-Europe distribution operation will service key territories in Eastern and Central Europe.

Based in Budapest, Fazekas’ long association with Outline and its products stretches back to the mid 1990s.

Outline C-E breaks with the traditional national distribution model in that it assumes territorial representation for the brand, becoming responsible for Outline sales, service and support in no less than ten separate countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Outline sales director Chris Hinds (pictured here, right, with Outline C-E’s Tamás Fazekas and Gergely Sarbó) commented: “This is an exciting and innovative solution to the problems that normally face national distributors in smaller territories, where the relative lack of sales potential and limited spending power inevitably restricts the growth of a brand. By assigning the commercial responsibility for numerous territories to a single distribution partner, customers in those countries will enjoy the economies of scale that are normally the privilege of those in wealthier and better-developed markets. Further, our distribution partner will also benefit from those same economies of scale through realising the much greater sales potential, allowing them to grow their business and reinvest in further growth.”

Fazekas added: “This is a major change in the distribution model that is normally employed in these countries. Obviously there is huge responsibility on us to deliver a true multi-national pre-and-post sales service to clients throughout the entire region, but the challenge is one we are equipped and ready to meet. Clients across all ten countries can look forward to the benefits of a true pro-dealer network, a multi-lingual help desk for support, dedicated Outline training events in their countries, and regional demonstration systems and personnel. As far as Outline products and support is concerned, their businesses will enjoy the same commercial advantages as competitive companies operating out of the UK, Germany, France or Italy.”

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