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Osram launches PirOLED – the first OLED luminaire

Andrew Brister 24 November 2010
Osram launches PirOLED – the first OLED luminaire

Osram has introduced PirOLED – what it claims is the first commercially available OLED and LED luminaire. PirOLED comprises five ORBEOS panels woven in a double helix of brushed aluminium that catch the directed light of the LEDs in the base.

PirOLED is a hybrid luminaire comprising LEDs in the base and the soft, diffused light of the five rotating OLED ORBEOS panels. The LEDs have been incorporated into the base to shine upwards onto the OLED panels which are reflective on the back. This means that the LED beam can be directed and dispersed anywhere. Significantly, the LEDs consume around 6W and the ORBEOS panels consume around 4W making it extremely efficient.

The 80cm high aluminium double helix is a dynamic sculpture that is based on two ideas – the organic structure matches the DNA helix and the shape it forms is derived from the pirouette, a turning movement in ballet. The design and engineering of PirOLED were developed by Osram lighting designer Dr. Martin Möck.

The helix contains five ORBEOS panels with a light density of 1000cd/sq m and over 5,000 hours of operating life. The glare-free light density of the OLED panels has a gentle, soothing effect, comparable to that of candlelight. In addition, the fact that the panels can be rotated within the helix makes lets you play around with the design of the luminaire which provides much more flexible light distribution than a conventional table lamp. Each of the five ORBEOS panels can be aligned separately and produces the ideal soft light for any interior environment.

The ORBEOS panels provide warm white light (2800K) making PirOLED suitable for lighting that is atmospheric and functional at the same time.

PirOLED was presented at the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum for Design in Berlin in September 2010 and a limited edition will now be made available.

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