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Optoma unveils 3D projector adapter

David Davies 1 December 2010
Optoma unveils 3D projector adapter

The new 3D-XL projector adapter connects a 3D source and any 3D-ready DLP projector, and will be available to buy across the UK from January.

The result of implementing the new adapter is, says Optoma, “a big screen fully immersive experience that is just not possible with the small screen of a 3D TV”.

Compatible with 3D broadcast signals such as Sky 3D, 3D Blu-ray players and 3D games from the Sony PS3, the 3D-XL is ideal for use with the any of the 14 compatible models in the Optoma range, as well as with all DLP Link 3D compatible projectors such as those from Acer and Benq.

Included with the 3D-XL is a pair of the lightweight second generation Optoma ZD201 3D glasses, designed specifically for the 3D-XL.

Optoma’s Paul Gain told IE Residential: “As a leading projector manufacturer at the forefront of 3D big screen entertainment development, Optoma was the first company to identify the potential of a one box solution (3D-XL) to provide 3D from a variety of sources such as PS3 BluRay and games and Sky 3D broadcast to DLP 3D capable projectors.  

“3D in a residential environment demands a large screen immersive experience which can only really be provided by a projector. Today, as many as 13 of our current projector range are 3D-capable and Optoma will incorporate support for 3D in many of our forthcoming products.

“Optoma has a history of innovative designs for the home cinema and entertainment markets including the first all-in-one DVD player/projector hybrid (DV10) and the first sub £1000 1080p home cinema projector (HD20). Optoma also developed the Pico projector market with the Pico PK101 which helped create a new projector sector and provided a truly portable projector for use in the home and whilst travelling.

“In the future, Optoma will continue to be at the very forefront of projection technology both in the exciting 3D market and beyond.”

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