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Optoma readies ‘the complete package’ with GT750 projector

David Davies 22 November 2011
Optoma readies ‘the complete package’ with GT750 projector

The GT750 projector – which is capable of producing life-size 3D games, movies and live sports – features HD-ready 720p resolution, Full 3D technology, short-throw lens and 10W speakers.

Designed for use with leading 3D games consoles and gaming PCs, the GT750’s 3D-XL technology allows the projector to connect to all of these devices without the need for additional hardware.

Directly compatible with 3D broadcast signals such as Sky 3D, Blu-ray 3D players, and Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 3D games, the GT750 generates greater than 100” 3D projected images.

The projector’s short-throw lens means that it is possible to get up to a 120” image from less than two metres away. Having the projector closer to the screen leaves more space to move around when playing the Nintendo Wii, XboxKinect and PlayStation 3 Move, enabling the user to eliminate the shadow that might have made their motion-controlled gaming impossible. A short throw lens also makes it possible to watch films and sports coverage in rooms that would have previously been unable to facilitate a large projected image size.

Other features of the GT750 include: 3500 ANSI lumens of brightness; acceptance of HD sources at 24 FPS; in-built 10 Watt stereo speakers; audio out connection for a subwoofer; and a full range of analogue and digital inputs, among them two HDMI inputs with full v1.4a 3D support.

The GT750 is being made available in two formats: projector only and projector with one pair of Optoma ZD201 3D glasses.

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