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Opticis DisplayPort extended

Jo Ruddock 5 February 2014
Opticis DisplayPort extended

The tiny new DPFX-200 DisplayPort extender from Opticis can transmit 4K (at up to 60Hz) “up to 100m over two LC multi-mode fibre-optic cables, compared to 3m to 5m using DisplayPort,” without the need for scaling or data compression, said Ken Shin, marketing manager. It also has a dual DP mode, supports Multi-Stream transport, and can be USB or DC powered.

Also new is the OMM-2500 32 x 32 DVI/HDMI/SDI and optical matrix, which can switch up to 32 inputs of various types to 32 digital displays. The IO cards each have four ports, so it can be configured from 4 x 4 to 32 x 32 – except for the DVI cards, which have two ports (so configuration would be from 2 x 2 to 16 x 16). Using an Opticis fibre DVI extension module allows it transmit a DVI signal for up to 1km. It can be controlled via a web browser, RS-232, touchpanel or key input.

Stand: 4-U20

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