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Optocore releases new software, reflects on 2009

test 7 December 2009

Optocore Control v2.13 allows up to 24 devices to be connected to a single Optocore network, reports David Davies. Available for download now at the Optocore website (link below), the new version sees Optocore addressing the “increasingly frequent requirement for a larger number of distributed interfaces”.

In addition, Optocore has enhanced the RS-485 and serial control routing configuration part of the software. As a result, users now have 32 generic serial control channels for assignment to the RS-485 inputs of any compatible Optocore device. Once allocated, these serial channels become available as outputs on any other compatible Optocore device.

Further information is available in the ‘readme’ file included with the download, and Optocore recommends that this be reviewed before firmware is uploaded to the devices.

Speaking to II, Optocore director of sales & marketing Tine Helmle looked back on a “highly successful” year in which the acceptance of fibre optic technology and products within the pro-audio industry “really came of age”.

“As one of the first companies working with fibre products and developing related devices, this has helped to consolidate our business tremendously,” said Helmle. “We now have a great portfolio for most of the open standards used in the industry. On top of that, we have discovered excellent technology partners in the industry – and it seems many more will follow.”

2009 also saw the company introduce its new SANE (Synchronous Audio Network plus Ethernet) protocol. “Now with SANE running on Cat5 we have been able to add one more technology to our portfolio, giving customers a full and flexible choice of proven Optocore quality for all sizes of application,” added Helmle.

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