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ONELAN releases new version of Net-Top-Box software

Andrew Brister 10 August 2011
ONELAN releases new version of Net-Top-Box software

New features in ONELAN’s v8.1.1 Net-Top-Box software have been developed in response to demand from resellers, including remote control and Wi-Fi.
Increasingly ONELAN reseller digital signage installations are becoming larger and more complex, creating a need for a remote setup capability. The new bulk reconfiguration capability allows Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) to have the set-up copied and updated by the network management tool, the DSM V3.0. This simplifies rollouts for large deployments.

A remote control has been launched to simplify end user operations with TV and streaming content. The remote control allows volume to be altered and TV or radio stations to be changed with no programming. In addition, there are four programmable buttons that can launch any specific piece of content, such as welcome videos, on demand.

There is also a new media picker that allows only chosen TV or radio stations to be picked by a user. In this way unsuitable channels can be avoided. All NTBs shipped with TV cards will now include remotes as standard.

The new Wi-Fi wireless network capability supports 802.11a, b, g, n at 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands on the NTB. This provides a cost-effective solution to overcoming the physical limitations of a wired network, for example in a listed building where it is impossible to drill through walls to lay cables.

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and most organisations have wireless networks set up. This provides easier network integration than with traditional wired networks, while still providing easy access to setup and configuration through your desktop web browser.


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