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ONELAN powers digital signage at St Joseph’s School

James McGrath 12 July 2013
ONELAN powers digital signage at St Joseph’s School

St Joseph’s school, Swindon, UK, has invested in digital signage powered by ONELAN’s Net-top-box (NTB) 5500 player.

With 1200 students and 200 staff members, the Catholic College wanted to show regular information and events for students and parents. It also wanted it to reinforce the branding of the college.

Several different solutions were investigated with the ONELAN solution being selected as the most competitive and comprehensive for the school’s requirements.

At the heart of the system is a ONELAN Net-top-box (NTB) 5500 player that publishes content to seven ONELAN NTB 650 players. In turn, these drive 10 LED screens located throughout communal areas in the building, showing content relevant to the specific location.

The digital signage is managed by the College’s IT team wtih various sources available to update text feeds, including ONELAN’s Ad-hoc capability, and Twitter. This enables access for different people wishing to provide input.

Overall, the new signage is tied in with the College branding, which is said to look much more effective than before. The College has a video wall of four LED screens which runs at 1080p to provide a crisp images.

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