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ONELAN goes to college

Ian McMurray 30 July 2010

Highbury College has selected a ONELAN digital signage to improve college communications across its multi-site campus.

As part of Highbury College’s multi-million pound and multi-campus redevelopment programme the college sought a better way to communicate with its stakeholders in a modern and more efficient manner by, for example, displaying dynamic content such as live student timetable information from the student management information system that would provide useful and up to date information for students that changed automatically.  As a multi-site organisation, Highbury wanted to ensure that consistent messages were published centrally to all sites.  The digital signage system also needed to show RSS feeds with live content incorporating college news and events.

To achieve this, Highbury College installed five ONELAN Net Top Boxes (NTB) 615, four NTB 610s (one running as a publisher) and one NTB 510S. All the NTBs are located in data server rooms around the college with signals distributed via Smart-E Cat5 solutions. While the NTBs are spread across three campuses in Portsmouth, they are all working off the central publisher located at the college’s main site.

As part of its digital signage network, Highbury also has ONELAN’s Data Collection Engine (DCE), a framework of software functionality that provides connections between a wide variety of customer data sources to ONELAN’s NTBs.  The DCE delivers live tmetable information around the college showing all lectures starting in the next ½ hour in an “iirport” style layout with room, description, time, and lecturer information.  For each different area, relevant information is displayed.

The system also enables the college to stream live TV to the student recreation areas and the college gym. The management of this can then be devolved to various college staff, with the head of IT assured that they can only control areas of the system that they have been delegated to control.

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