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ONELAN celebrates sales growth, major education project

test 1 March 2010
ONELAN celebrates sales growth, major education project

ONELAN Digital Signage registered sales growth of over 19% in 2009, representing a 27% increase in unit sales, writes David Davies. Enjoying continued profitable growth for the fifth consecutive year, ONELAN attributes its success in large part to exports, with sales turnover up from 18 to 30% as the company continues to develop its global presence.

"We are very pleased with this growth," said ONELAN’s finance director, Helen Dee. "Considering the economic climate this is an excellent result."

Meanwhile, a major recent project saw Swanmore technology college specify ONELAN NTBs (Net-Top-Boxes) to communicate important information centrally as well as to a network of local feeder schools (including Bishops Waltham, pictured). A NTB5005P publishes content to 10 different channels, while nine NTB615s located in nine nearby schools each subscribe to the appropriate channel. In addition, there is a further NTB615 in the college library.

Each screen displays a basic layout with two zones that can be updated by the feeder schools. Content includes a media zone, a text zone for school notices, a BBC Newsround RSS feed, weather information, time/date and the school name/logo.

According to ONELAN, the Linux-based NTBs have exceeded the expectations of the college and its feeder schools, with one of the establishments describing the system as "quick and easy" to update.

Looking to the future, ONELAN managing director David Dalzell told IE: "At ONELAN over the next 12 months we will continue to develop new products and new features for existing products, and expand on our current success with global exports. In particular, we plan to target new markets and, for example, continue growing our market share in North America."

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