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ONELAN attracts TalkTalk

Ian McMurray 6 September 2010
ONELAN attracts TalkTalk

ONELAN Digital Signage has been chosen by TalkTalk for its pilot shop, where it plans to use digital signage as an effective tool for advertising its products and engaging people.

TalkTalk is the broadband and home phone company launched by The Carphone Warehouse, with a business strategy of providing fast broadband and home phone services at an affordable price.

ONELAN says that its digital signage was chosen as the most cost-effective solution, and the one that was the easiest to use and simplest to integrate within TalkTalk’s existing IT infrastructure.

A ONELAN NTB 5505 is installed displaying content on 40in and 46in LCD screens throughout the store and a 3×3 videowall.  The digital signage is fully integrated with the audio system.

ONELAN’s digital signage is used to show a range of content including TalkTalk’s live TV channel, proprietary video advertisements and RSS news feeds. The content is managed and updated onsite.

The main benefits of the digital signage system for TalkTalk are the fast transitions between different advertising that can be shown to clients as well as the ease of use for the individual changing the content.

‘The ONELAN product gives us the flexibility to quickly update our customer messaging in a wide range of really engaging formats,” said Maggie Roxburgh, general manager, TalkTalk. “That’s a must for a leading broadband company."

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