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On the right track with Alcons at the CDKG

David Davies 10 December 2010
On the right track with Alcons at the CDKG

The main performance space of Moscow’s Central Palace for the Culture of Railway Works (CDKG) has been equipped with an Alcons Audio system as part of a major refit initiative.

Classical and contemporary performances, banquets, conferences, exhibitions and more take place in the CDKG, which celebrated its 80th anniversary last year.

The Alcons spec supplied and installed by LTM in the CDKG’s 800-capacity main hall features, as the front system, 12 QR36 pro-ribbon line-source columns, each fitted with double RBN1801 pro-ribbon HF drivers and 6 x 6.5” woofers. For low-mid extension, there are six QM36 line-source fill columns, each fitted with 6 x 6.5” woofers, together with the QR36 forming two arrays that are each 9 metres in height. For low frequency extension, 14 QB363 bass columns have been installed,
Also installed are five Alcons SR9 front fills with RBN401 pro-ribbon HF driver with 2 x 5” woofers.  The entire system is powered by ten ALC4-ST 2 x 2250W and one ALC2-ST 2 x 1.050W amplifiers, while system control comes from 11 Alcons 24-bit, 96 kHz Digital Drive Processors.

“Alcons equipment was chosen because the hall is 16-18m from front to back, but around 26m wide, with most of the parterre seats beneath the balcony,” said Andrey Zhelamski, pro audio manager at LTM. “Using the line-source Q series , we could avoid using speakers beneath the balcony but still provide a sound pressure of 110-112dB throughout the hall, with a variation of less than 3dB. Also, due to the line-source configuration, every person in the audience is sitting on-axis in the vertical plane with the system.

“Further major advantages of the system are that the Q series speakers are compact and have an attractive design. Placed on the proscenium arch, they take up a minimum of space and do not impact on the aesthetics of the hall.”

Subsequent to installation, a demo for venue staff and locally-based sound engineers received an enthusiastic reception.

“Everyone who heard it was really surprised and pleased that the system produces clear sound at any volume, without any distortion,” said Zhelamski. “They were even more surprised that, when we turned on the eight wireless microphones and six hanging mics we have installed in the venue, there was no feedback whatsoever. Feedback is always a problem in such situations when using compression drivers, so it has further increased the respect for the Alcons brand in all those who were listening.”

Alcons Audio MD Tom Back told IE: “Over the last years, the Russian market has been a very important one for Alcons’ pro-ribbon systems, through our Pro-Ribbon Partner LTM. Victor Lakoubovski (CEO) and his team are doing a fantastic job with integrating Alcons systems in high-profile installations, of which the CDKG Railway project is an excellent example.”

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