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OmniMount merged into Ergotron

David Davies 25 January 2012
OmniMount merged into Ergotron

The merger of these two Nortek, Inc brands positions Ergotron as an eminent supplier of display and entertainment mounting solutions for both the consumer and A/V pro markets.

Under the new arrangements, OmniMount products will continue to constitute the consumer brand within Ergotron’s range. The first OmniMount products incorporating Ergotron’s Constant Force technology were on display at CES 2012.

“Ergotron has risen through the ranks to become the top display mount manufacturer for commercial IT and healthcare markets, and our growth continues aggressively,” said Joel Hazzard, president and CEO of Ergotron. “Together, Ergotron and OmniMount provide powerhouse solutions addressing customers’ unmet needs. We’re very excited about empowering the OmniMount brand’s growth in the years to come.”

Geoff Miller, president of OmniMount, added: “The residential market presents challenges and we’re aware of the struggles that buyers and integrators are facing. Our access to Ergotron’s exclusive technologies will revolutionise residential home entertainment with new applications and new ways for our partners to be profitable. Joining forces with Ergotron provides us with exciting growth opportunities to help our reseller, dealer and retail partners meet their customers’ needs.”

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