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O’Donoghue heads MA UK team

Ian McMurray 4 April 2011
O’Donoghue heads MA UK team

MA Lighting has announced that from 1 April Glyn O’Donoghue assumed the role of general manager of MA’s UK team. O’Donoghue was previously with AC Lighting.

“With Glyn, we are aiming to further develop and strengthen our market position and to enter the next level of customer support,” said MA Lighting’s managing director Michael Althaus.

March 22 was the first working day for MA’s new technical sales person, who replaces Callum Howie. At the beginning of March, Elke Kemper switched her working office from Paderborn, MA’s headquarters, to London, where she is a management assistant. She has been working for MA since 2007.

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