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NuVo offers in-wall amp

test 11 June 2009

The WA30 is offered as a versatile in-wall volume control and amplifier, for standalone commercial applications, such as in hotel rooms, conference rooms and classrooms, or as additional sub-zones in a NuVo multi-room audio system for the residential market.

Up to four different audio sources can be connected to the amplifier, which is design to power a single pair of speakers. Two rear stereo connections can be used for separate sources such as computer, TV or DVD player. Two additional inputs, conveniently located on the front of the amplifier, give the ability to add additional sources, such as an iPod or other portable music devices to the system. The source, power and volume controls are easily selected on the front.

The WA30 is a standard 50m x 50m EuroMod unit giving a choice of various off-the shelf faceplates and it can be purchased as a standalone module or bundled with a pair of AP16C 6.5in ceiling speakers.

The WA30 is said to be easy to install, use and affordable, with several thousand already been installed in the UK in classrooms and hotels.

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