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Now you see them… actually, you don’t

David Davies 15 December 2010
Now you see them... actually, you don’t

Designed for easy concealment behind plaster, paint or wallpaper, the Revox Re:sound I invisible speakers – which are to be highlighted at ISE 2011 – are intended to provide ‘complete freedom of design’.

At only a few millimetres thick, the speakers can transform walls or ceilings into sound sources for public, commercial and residential applications.

The speakers make use of so-called bending waves; physical waves that move within a flexible medium. The special material that the soundboard is made of oscillates in a controlled manner, causing sound to radiate from the wall or ceiling. In this way, practically any surface can be converted into a sounding board.

The size of the speakers has been set to the standard DIN dimensions used in dry wall construction, which means that they can be used instead of plaster board. The speakers are installed in walls or ceilings and then subsequently painted or plastered over. Connection to special compact side room amplifiers from Revox, which have been optimally tuned to match the emission characteristics of the soundboard, is achieved using standard speaker cable.

Different sizes of soundboards facilitate applications in a variety of environments, from bathrooms and kitchens to meeting rooms and galleries.

Integrated frequency correction in the Re:system M100 and the Revox Side room amplifiers, says Revox, means that the invisible speakers yield an ‘incomparable sound experience’.

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