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Niles Cynema Soundfield in-wall soundbar proves popular

Paddy Baker 4 September 2013
Niles Cynema Soundfield in-wall soundbar proves popular

According to custom installer Jim Beaumont of HomeTech Europe, the Niles Cynema Soundfield in-wall soundbar (from Core Brands) is flying off the shelves thanks to its high quality and its practical applications.

“When I heard about the Niles Cynema Soundfield I knew some of my clients would love it, but I didn’t think I’d sell 10 of them in the first month!” Beaumont said. “Niles recognised that homeowners want good sound to match their attractive wall-mounted TVs, but they also want it to be as unobtrusive as the TV itself. With TVs getting thinner and thinner, the TV manufacturers have run out of room for good speakers, and the only solution when your TV is an inch off the wall is to put the speakers into the wall itself.”

Beaumont says his clients and the designers he works with immediately see the value in a soundbar that can be painted over and literally disappear into the wall, and is also suited for retrofit installations. For years, in-wall speakers have been the preferred solution of integrators and interior designers because they blend into the room, but they can be expensive and difficult to install in an existing room because of wiring and additional components such as amplifiers and AV receivers. The Cynema Soundfield, however, requires just two wires, one for audio signal and one for power, and can be installed in less than an hour by a certified Niles installer, even if the TV is already hung on the wall.

“It’s easy to sell because it can be used in retrofits, new homes, boardrooms and even retail locations like hotel lobbies, without anyone even knowing it’s there,” Beaumont continued. “Several of my clients were so excited when I showed it to them that they bought multiple units for multiple rooms. I think the market for this innovative premium sound solution could be huge, and I’m going to sell as many of them as I can.”

To install the Cynema Soundfield, the only thing that gets cut into the wall is a thin metal rail that sits flush with the drywall, and then the three individual speakers (30W RMS per speaker) and the amplifier simply lock into the rail. Models are available that match TVs of all sizes, and the grille can be painted to make the speaker invisible

The Cynema Soundfield includes inputs for optical audio, HDMI and analogue audio, and can also be integrated into a multi-room audio system. It features autosense turn-on so that no separate remote is required, and it simply turns on whenever it receives an audio signal from either the TV or a connected multi-room audio system.

Niles’ small, powerful subwoofers and wireless kit are available to complement the soundbar. The wireless kit hooks right up to the Cynema Soundfield’s amplifier, so no separate amp or receiver is needed.

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