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Niles Audio Corporation releases TS-Pro

test 2 November 2009

The TS-Pro wall-mount colour touchscreen provides customisable control for Niles’s ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver. The TS-Pro features a high-contrast, 3.5in colour touchscreen with a crisp, easy-to-read GUI and convenient hard keys that control frequently used functions such as volume and power on/off.

Moreover, the system-wide control means that it is possible to control the local room, a different room, a group of rooms and even the entire house.

Easily configured without a laptop, the TS-Pro system programming is loaded automatically upon connection to the ZR-6. System changes made in one TS-Pro are automatically populated to all other TS-Pros in the system.

The TS-Pro also features custom room and preset radio names, allowing users to create custom names for rooms and radio stations.

Niles’s international sales manager, Simon Spears, told IE Residential: “One of the cornerstones of Niles product design is our ability to deliver complicated technology in an easy-to-install and easy-to-operate form. The TS-Pro colour touchscreen is a great example of this. Used with our ZR-6 multizone receiver it gives the user complete control of up to six sources in all of the 18 available zones. The ability to show meta-data from all of the supported sources, choose different colour schemes, group rooms, [and] adjust tone and volume from any screen in any room is impressive enough. For the installer, however, this is all the more impressive when you consider that the programming takes less than an hour and does not require a PC. Happy customers and happy installers make for happy business owners.”

Among many other products, the TS-Pro is available through Netherlands-based supplier BMB Electronics, which has also revealed that the Sanus VisionMount ML11 SuperSlim mount – said to take “low profile to a new level” – is proving to be “very popular”.

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