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Niko reduces dimmer product prices

Ian McMurray 2 June 2010
Niko reduces dimmer product prices

The Belgian lighting and home automation manufacturer is cutting the prices of its Dim Controller and Universal Modular products. Niko says that it has been able to implement its price review thanks to recent savings in manufacturing and distribution, alongside recent changes in the value of European currencies.

The Dim Controllers create and store light scenes to complement a mood (eg. Party, Relaxation, Summer, Winter), with each individual scene operated by a single Niko Push Button.

Meanwhile, the Universal Modular Dimmers are suitable for both incandescent lamps and all types of low-voltage halogen lamps. The Dimmers can control up to 30 Niko Push Buttons, feature a set of extra Feedback LEDs, and contain additional memory to save one light scene via Push Button control. All Niko Dimmer products comply with all relevant European Standards and provide overload protection with automatic reboot function as well as electronic short circuit protection.

Niko products are modular and fully upgradeable, allowing the end-user to build up their system over time in-line with their own requirements and budgets.

Steve Calder, sales director for Niko UK, told IE Residential: "Niko’s Dim Controller range was already a fantastic offering for installers, providing flexibility, ease of programming, and ease of use. In the current economic climate, Niko UK recognises how important it is to ensure that we provide our customers with excellent value for money and aid them to put forward the most compelling propositions to their clients."

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