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Niko – new manual, interface for Logitech Universal Remotes

Ian McMurray 28 July 2010

The new user manual and user interface enable Logitech Universal Remote Control units to control Nikobus home control systems. The Nikobus Home Control System can already be controlled via Niko’s own Push Button Switches, Touchpanel and the Philips Pronto.

The new user interface for the Logitech Harmony now expands this flexibility for homeowners. Along with the ability to control all the devices in their homes, users can also supervise Nikobus-controlled functions such as lighting and curtain closing. Niko says that a minimum of configuration is required with the Logitech Harmony universal remote, allowing for specific functions in each room to be assigned their own key for quick and easy operation.

Niko has also produced a new user manual with step-by-step instructions for operating the Nikobus Home Control System with a Logitech Harmony remote control unit. This can be downloaded from the Niko Professional website (Service) at the link below.

Niko UK sales director Steve Calder commented: "With this new update Niko has taken great strides to meet the demands of our customers and focus on the general trend towards using universal remote control units within the home. Featuring all the same functionalities as the Philips Pronto but at a less expensive price, the new Logitech Harmony updates ensure that installers can easily offer a larger customer base the benefits of a Nikobus remote controlled home; and demonstrates that the Nikobus Home control System truly is easy to install, easy to program and, above all, easy to use."

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