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Niko highlights boost to energy conservation

David Davies 8 September 2010
Niko highlights boost to energy conservation

The new Niko Daylight Control System is said to conserve energy whilst improving users’ living and working environments. Employing Daylight Control Detectors, the Niko system automatically controls the lighting in up to three pre-defined zones with a minimum level of light in every zone. Pre-programmed settings can then vary the level of illumination in response to the natural daylight or zone occupancy, as indicated by motion detectors or other sensors.

According to Niko, the installation and use of this system can deliver energy savings “of the order of 40 to 70%”.

The Niko system comprises a number of core modules which can be used together to build up systems of any size or complexity. The 360-45010 Modular Controller is a standard DIN module which has four pre-programmed applications covering three lighting zones and offers variable light levels; variable hysteresis and variable switch-off delay. The 360-45011 Dimmer Module offers three 1-10volt outputs for controlling dimmable, electronic control gear (ECG) for fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting and has five pre-programmed applications. The 360-47000 Power Supply provides the power for the controllers and dimmers and is rated at 2300 watts for incandescent lamps; 500 watts for halogen lamps and 1200VA for fluorescent lamps. Finally, there is the IP20 type Photo-Cell with four pre-set range of illumination sensitivity covering from 3 to 600 Klux.

All settings are stored in memory even during power failures and other Niko modules such as motion detectors, manual control switches and time switches can be added as required.

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