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Niko hails the benefits of zone heating

David Davies 12 March 2011
Niko hails the benefits of zone heating

Niko Home Control allows homeowners to benefit from zone heating via an installation that is said to use considerably less energy than other comparable installations.

The UK unveiling of the system this month takes place as Niko publicises a survey commissioned from Denmark-based independent research organisation TNO. The report shows that zone heating in the home can achieve energy savings of up to 14% in a new detached or terraced house, and up to 18% in a renovated detached home built in the 1980s. The benefits, suggests the survey, appear to be even larger in houses that are less well-insulated.

With zone heating, residents can opt to heat the bathroom between certain hours in the morning and evening, while the kitchen and living room can be heated all day or at other times.

In recognition of the scope of zone heating and the increasing demand for ecological home installations, Niko has announced the UK unveiling of Niko Home Control at this month’s Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham. Described as ‘the first intelligent electrical installation with which families can actively save energy’, Niko Home Control allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of zone heating via an installation that itself is said to use 50% less energy than other comparable installations. Other functions – including an eco-display that provides extensive information on energy usage and an eco-button that switches off all appliances that do not need to remain switched on during the day – also facilitate energy-saving.

Niko (UK) sales director Stephen Calder observed: “Whether we are working on new-build projects or refurbishments, there is no doubt that end-users at all levels are increasingly concerned about their energy usage and are keen to optimise the efficiency of all the appliances and functions in their homes. For some, the motivation is concern over global warming and the potential effects on the planet, and for others it is to ensure that they are not paying over the odds for the energy they need to run their lives. For both scenarios, Niko Home Control delivers: it is a truly smart system which enables homeowners and occupiers to make realistic choices about how much energy they use , and what for. For example, with the new zone heating control, they can reduce the amount of heat they need in their homes simply by heating only the areas that are occupied at any given time of the day or night.

“This is such an obvious and easy choice to make, yet it saves energy while ensuring that comfort levels are maintained, or even increased. With solutions like this – which can be controlled either centrally with conventional keypads and touchscreens, or [through] using a smartphone – I am sure that Niko Home Control is going to prove to be a winner with installers and end-users alike.”

Niko Home Control will be available from August.

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