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NEXO announces first-ever UK Demonstration Day

test 8 February 2010
NEXO announces first-ever UK Demonstration Day

Scheduled for February 25, the demo day marks the arrival of a NEXO GEO S12 demo rig in the UK, reports David Davies. Anyone interested in attending the event – which will take place at the Redditch HQ of SSE Audio Group from 11am on the 25th – is asked to contact NEXO UK’s Gareth Collyer (07501 056626; to book a place.

The event will include a thorough test/examination of the GEO S12 (pictured) as well as the new PS-R2 series, which was on show at last week’s ISE. Different consoles – a Digidesign Profile and a Yamaha M7CL – will be brought into the sessions to allow for direct comparisons.

"Establishing NEXO UK was a clear signal that, as a manufacturer, we wanted to get closer to the UK market," NEXO’s Gareth Collyer told Installation Europe. "This demo day is the first of many; it gives UK customers (and non-customers!) a chance to get down and dirty with our products, rather than seeing them all shiny and new on exhibition stands and in magazine ads. SSE engineers may have been using NEXO boxes for years, but they don’t give us an inch when it comes to system testing – if you’re at Redditch on the 25th, you can expect to hear NEXO kit being asked some very tough questions!"

Other technologies on display will include the NEXO NXAMPs and the Auvitran EtherSound Monitor remote control/monitoring program.

The event – which includes lunch – will also entail a tour of SSE’s facilities and a look at their range of flightcases.

For further details, contact Collyer or SSE’s Alex Penn (01527 528822;

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