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NEXCOM shows new digital signage players

Paddy Baker 19 January 2012

New multimedia digital signage players from NEXCOM making their debut at ISE include the NDiS 126, NDiS 127 and NDiS OPS-M50, which feature cutting-edge Intel or AMD based technology. This means, sasy NEXCOM, that they possess superb graphics capabilities and offer a lower the total cost of ownership.
Based on Intel’s latest Atom architecture, the NDiS 126 (pictured, top) is a compact 1080p media player which supports Full HD content up to dual independent displays. The NDiS 127 is powered by AMD’s new Embedded G-Series T56N APU to achieve new levels of graphics performance with exceedingly low power consumption. The NDiS OPS-M50 (pictured, bottom) is based on a 2.50GHz Intel Core i5-2515E Dual Core processor with Intel Integrated Graphics 3000. It complies with Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), which aims to simplify thebinstallation, upgrade and maintenance of large-scale digital signage applications.

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