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New Xantech Bluetooth receiver

Paddy Baker 4 January 2012
New Xantech Bluetooth receiver

The new BDXTT stereo Bluetooth receiver from Xantech provides a wireless connection between any A2DP stereo Bluetooth-enabled audio source and any single or multi-zone audio system.
  Products that may be connected using the Xantech BDXTT stereo Bluetooth receiver include the Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch2G, a large array of smart phones, and personal computers. The Xantech BDXTT pairs with Stereo Bluetooth A2DP devices over an operating distance of up to 80ft.
  Each Xantech BDXTT stereo Bluetooth receiver features an individual alphanumeric ID, allowing multiple units to be installed in a multi-zone application. Stereo Bluetooth A2DP-paired audio source devices may be integrated into Xantech multi-zone audio systems using the Xantech MRC88m controller, Digital Delivery System, or any other audio amplifier or amplified speaker with RCA or 3.5mm stereo mini-phone inputs. Accessories for the Xantech BDXTT include a stereo 3.5mm mini-phone-to-RCA audio cable and a stereo 3.5mm mini-phone audio cable.
  The Xantech BDXTT ships with a 100V~240V universal power supply with region adaptor plugs. An included rechargeable battery permits two hours of portable use.
  “Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to store and access the music they enjoy in their daily lives,” commented Graham Hallett, Xantech president. “Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a go-to audio source – MP3 players, laptop computers and cellular phones. The BDXTT is a solution for integrators to bridge the gap between these mobile devices and an installed audio system, making it perfect for the home office, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere that users enjoy their music.”

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