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New wireless tour guide system from Phonak

Jo Ruddock 14 May 2010
New wireless tour guide system from Phonak

The latest interactive version of guide-U is designed to offer flexible configuration options to suit all group sizes and situations. It is optimised for use with a new presenter boom mic, said to provide very high speech sound quality – even in noisy environments – using Phonak’s proprietary Dynamic Speech Extractor technology.
This is capable of identifying and separating out speech sounds from surrounding ambient noise, automatically adjusting the output of each visitor’s audio to provide the clearest contrast against potentially distracting now also enables interactive group discussions, allowing additional presenters and visitors to join in by broadcasting their comments directly to other receiver-wearers.

With the support of Phonak’s MultiTalker Network, up to nine additional transmitter microphones, including a new visitor-friendly ‘passaround’ microphone, can interact with guide-U’s primary transmitter.

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