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New sporting venue equipped with 31 Yamaha amps

David Davies 12 October 2011
New sporting venue equipped with 31 Yamaha amps

The latest addition to Europe’s lengthy roll-call of sporting venues, Lithuania’s Žalgiris Arena, is host to an audio spec featuring 16 Yamaha TX4n and 15 TX5n amplifiers.

Used in conjunction with a pair of NHB32-C 32-channel CobraNet interfaces, the amps are used to drive a Martin Audio PA of 52 AM3 and four AM15 loudspeakers.

The multi-purpose venue’s audio spec was devised by project engineer Orunas Urbonas and installed by Kaunas-based Audiotonas.

“A major challenge for the installation was the huge power needed, but with simple, reliable control and great flexibility,” says Orunas. “Audiotonas looked at a range of options and the TXn series combination of power output and advanced functions meant that they it was far the best solution.

“The main reasons for choosing the TXn series were the fact that they are powerful but with the ability to adjust the required power; convenient control and parameter tracking over a local area network; the ability to measure line load impedances and to control the limits of impedance. In addition, the information that they send back about the system makes tracing any problems very straightforward. They were the ideal amplifiers for the Martin Audio system.”

The TXn series’ facility for flexible remote programming is also regarded as a major asset.

“The amplifiers make the whole system very flexible,” confirmed Orunas. “The Arena will host concerts ‘in the round’ as well as with the stage at one end, plus different sports of course have different requirements. The system can be very quickly reprogrammed to accommodate all types of event.”

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