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New sound sensations from Alcons

David Davies 24 January 2011
New sound sensations from Alcons

Speaker system specialist Alcons says that its new Q-series of scalable ribbon-array columns represent a new type of sound reproduction system that combines the throw of a J-curved line-array system with the ease-of-use of a traditional point-source loudspeaker.

The series has been designed to obtain excellent coverage and intelligibility over longer distances in acoustically challenging environments, where a J-curved line-array will not give satisfactory results and beam-steering will not give satisfactory sound quality, or usable SPL, the manufacturer claims.

As an array of line-sources, a Q-system acts as true cylindrical radiator, offering a 3dB SPL drop-off per doubling of distance (in the near-field or Fresnel-zone), says Alcons. This is said to bring significant advantages in SPL coverage and (intelligibility) throw, from a relatively simple system.

When used in multiples, the Qs form a continuous line-source, extending the near field of the system over longer distance and lower frequencies. 

Stand No: 6K132

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