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New smart switch, dimmer solution from Control4

David Davies 20 October 2011
New smart switch, dimmer solution from Control4

Control4 Puck Lighting (240V) is a smart switch and dimmer solution that works with third-party keypads for a range of design options and full control capability.

Comprising the Puck Switch and Puck Dimmer, the Puck Lighting range is designed to fit standard round and square wall boxes commonly used throughout Europe and Asia, as well as parts of South America, the Middle East and Africa. Puck Lighting solutions are said to be ideal for both new construction and retrofit installations, with the ZigBee-enabled switches and dimmers designed to work with numerous load types, including incandescent, halogen, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, flourescent, compact flourescent and LEDs.

Auto sensing of load types means the Puck adjusts automatically for the dimming behaviour of the load type, while over-wattage protection prevents the device from continuously driving a load that is significantly over its rated wattage – the resulting shut-down cutting power to the load before overheating.

Control4 Puck Lighting is only available in countries with 240V mains electricity and works with Control4 OS 2.1.1 and higher.

Scott Stephenson, senior product manager for Control4, told IE Residential: “The Puck Dimmer and Puck Switch greatly expand the lighting control options for our customers in the UK and continental Europe. We really focused on two objectives – giving our customers the ability to meet their aesthetic desires by allowing them to use virtually any off-the-shelf keypad, and making sure that the products work well with a wide variety of load types, including the energy saving loads that are becoming more and more prevalent.”

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