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New Siedle Access system runs on IP

Paddy Baker 25 January 2012

Siedle will be presenting its new IP-based Access systemat IS 2012. Bringing building communication into the IP network results in considerable benefits for planners, builders and users, says the company.

Siedle Access employs the same network standards that are used in IT, building systems engineering and telecommunications, from DEN EN 50173-compliant wiring and transfer protocols to connection technology. This simplifies the handling of the system from planning to commissioning stages, because no Siedle-specific knowledge is required.
IP addressing allows for more than 1,000 subscribers and also facilitates their administration, while highly efficient encoding procedures (G.711/G.722 and H.264) achieve very good audio and video quality with low bandwidth requirements.

The only aspect in which Siedle Access deviates from the pure-IP principle is that it does not continue the network outside the door; this is to guarantee security and protection against manipulation. Access door stations are connected with a Cat-5 cable so that a continuous wiring system can be implemented; however, data is only transferred to the IP network within the protected area inside the building. A special controller between the network and the unprotected public area ensures that, even if they were to gain physical access to the connecting cable, would-be intruders have no chance of opening the door or penetrating into the network.

Another useful feature is backwards compatibility to the current Siedle Multi high-performance system: Access is equipped with an interface that allows existing Multi systems to be connected. Current users of Siedle Multi can rest assured that the current system will not be rendered obsolete by the introduction of new models, but can be extended using Siedle Access.
Siedle Access is making almost the entire design and functional spectrum of Siedle systems available for IP. Users are not restricted to a few terminal devices, but have the choice of a large variety of genuine IP devices for the door units and indoor stations, which even extends to individually configured and designed individual items.

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