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New short-throw home projector from Runco

Jo Ruddock 31 January 2012
New short-throw home projector from Runco

The new LightStyle LS-100d with NEAR (Next generation Extreme Aligned Reflection) ultra-short throw (UST) lens system is being showcased by Runco at ISE. Delivering a 92in diagonal image, the company says that the LS-100d combines unsurpassed performance and clever industrial design with an attractive price point. 

“With the LS-100d, we’ve capitalised on the deep knowledge of Planar’s short-throw systems for professional and commercial applications, giving us the ability to offer a superior viewing performance for our residential customers looking for a big screen experience in their home,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing at Runco. “Runco’s nearly maintenance-free, energy efficient InfiniLight LED illumination system delivers a stunning image in a form factor that reduces the complexity of a projection installation.”   

The LS-100d is said to maximise the benefits of Runco’s InfiniLight lampless LED illumination technology, resulting in 70% power saving and a lampless system with no maintenance. InfiniLight is calibrated at every start-up and the perceived brightness advantage of this architecture, an effect called ‘Q-lumens’, is claimed to be even more pronounced after 1,000-2,000 hours of ordinary use. 

Also included in the LS-100d is Runco’s upgraded Digital High-Definition (DHD4) external video processor. Runco says that the DHD4 offers the most advanced alignment in the company’s history, allowing for ultra-precise installation geometries and more extreme installation scenarios, ensuring that the whole solution works as an integrated system.   

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