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New products eliminate the problem of distributing HD sources to multiple TVs

test 25 January 2007

The Tech+Link Switch2 HDMI Control Centres solve the problem of distributing high-definition sources to multiple TVs in store or around the home. With a single HDMI input, the Tech+Link HDMI 1-into-8 Control Centre gives simultaneous HDMI AV signal feeds to eight outputs with no degradation or loss of signal.


For smaller stores or homes only requiring up to four zones the Tech+Link 2-into-4 HDMI Control Centre offers the flexibility of switchable dual HDMI inputs and four simultaneous HDMI outputs.


Audio and video switching is lossless and active HDMI repeater circuits mean both HDMI input and HDMI output cables can be up to 15m in length (the HDMI maximum approved specification) to give up to 30m run from source to TV displays for larger stores or bigger homes. Inputs and outputs are clearly labelled and offer an LED to indicate when each output is switched active. HDCP copy protection is maintained throughout, meaning the device can distribute any available HDMI source.


Both Tech+Link HDMI Control Centres can be daisy-chained to produce even more simultaneous HDMI outputs for in-store displays of more than eight high definition televisions. With fully active repeating there is no limit to the number of multiplexers that can be daisy-chained, giving retailers the ability to run a perfect HD feed to every demonstration TV in store no matter how large their showroom.


Comments Tech+Link MD, Ralph Allen: "The problem of supplying a robust TV feed to multiple televisions at point of sale has always been a challenge but the new HDMI Control Centres solve the problem completely. The system can be expanded to serve the largest store if required and I firmly believe this product will make a huge difference for independent TV retailers looking to differentiate their business and offer customers the best possible service."


In a custom installation around the home the Tech+Link HDMI Control Centres will form the hub of an integrated AV system, significantly boosting audio and video quality over systems using analogue AV cables. The Switch2 products can be daisy chained in any direction, so the combination of a Tech+Link Swicth2 1-into-4 HDMI switch and 1-into-8 HDMI Control Centre would allow customers to distribute any one of four HDMI input sources to eight zones simultaneously, for example.

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